Step 1: Nail Primer

Start with a layer of Nail Primer on clean, oil-free nails. Our primer is enriched with kaolin and mastic gum to fill in ridges and even out the nail surface, making the perfect base for a long-lasting manicure.

Step 2: Nail Colour
Choose your favourite plant-based colour from our select range of more than 60 unique shades. Apply one to two thin layers of colour to your nails, allowing them to dry well between applications.

Step 3: High Gloss Top Coat 
Seal your nail colour with a layer of our High Gloss Top Coat for a long-lasting, extra-glossy, salon-like manicure. Our formula provides a protective shield, preventing your manicure from chipping and ensuring a hold of up to 10 days.

Step 4: Quick Dry Solution (optional)
Reduce drying time by 55% by applying one drop to each nail during the final layer of your manicure and while your top coat is still wet. Spread it across the nail by gently moving your fingertip. 
With macadamia kernel, almond and kukui nut oils for a shiny finish and softer cuticles.

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