please read the following tips carefullyto get your best gitti experience.

gitti manicure

1. start with a thin layer of gitti base coat. this is particularly important with intense colors like our red tones.

2. then apply 1 to 2 thin layers of your favorite color. one layer is sufficient. a second, if you like the color more opaque.

3. Finally, ALWAYS apply a thin layer of gitti top coat to ensure hold for 2 to 3 days (depending on the nature of your nails and how they are applied, longer). you can always renew the top coat if you want a little more shine.


please avoid contact with hot water 4 hours after your gitti manicure. washing your hands briefly is ok, but better with cold water.

please don't shake your gitti colors. unlike classic nail polish, shaking is not necessary with Gitti, as this creates small air bubbles in the bottle. 

so that your nail color stays fresh for a long time, clean the edge of the glass bottle before you put the lid back on.

remove gitti

With the new, natural Gitti nail polish remover, you can paint your nail color gently remove from your nails and care for them at the same time. please leave the soaked cotton pad first soak on your nails for a moment. for the best result it is important to be patient for a moment. then you can gently remove the paint.

have fun with your gitti manicure. your nails and our environment will thank you!

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