Step 1: Rinse-free Cleanser
For optimal results, spray a generous amount of the cleanser onto dry skin and spread evenly until completely absorbed. Effectively cleansed hands, nails and cuticles free of dirt and sebum build a great base for your manicure.

Step 2: Top & Base Coat

Apply a thin layer of base coat. This creates a smooth surface and protects your nails from possible discolouration with intense and dark shades.

Step 3: Metallic nail colours

Apply your Metallic nail colour as thinly as possible. One layer creates an iridescent effect. For an even higher intensity, you can apply a second, thin layer. Let the colour layer dry well. Step 4: Top & Base CoatSeal the dried colour layer with a thin layer of top coat to ensure that your nail colour lasts longer.

Good to know:
For an unexpected twist, apply our Matte Top & Base Coat. This will give your metallic manicure a matte, chromatic finish.

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