our promise.


The world is changing rapidly at the moment. But instead of being active, we have to stay at home, and that feels strange and unreal at the same time. We want to give you back the power with positive content.

Rarely has it been as crucial as today to make a promise to each other.

we promise 

gitti is an energetic, positive and colorful brand.

In situations like these, transparency and communication play a decisive role. Since our foundation, your health and well-being have been our top priority. however, it is essential for us to give you our promise in this extraordinary time:

1-   we're staying at home, but we're connected  

As a digital start-up, we can work from home. This flexibility is part of our identity. Therefore we see it as our duty to follow the call of social isolation. We use this time as a chance to redefine accustomed ways of working.

2-   together with our partners we take responsibility.

Our partners ensure that the production and shipping of your orders are risk-free in every respect - all processes are also regularly checked and adjusted if necessary.

Furthermore, we have chosen packaging for your orders that is both durable and practical: our shipments fit easily into your mailbox so that contact is also avoided during delivery. This way, your nail colors arrive safely at your home.


3-   we take care of one another.

Our team is - as always - there for you! We continue to answer all your comments, messages and emails. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us at team@gitti.de, we look forward to hearing from you.   

we want to move closer together and stay in contact. For this reason, you can now see us regularly live on Instagram. Let us know which thoughts, topics or questions you would like us to include in our next session.

we love our community and we know that not all of you have the chance to work safely from home. So we say THANK YOU to everyone who is currently working in a public space. You are our real superheroes!

only together we can make a difference.

we are always looking for new ways to stay in contact with you and we are grateful that we can continue to inspire and support each other through the social media in these times. 

take care of yourselves.
with love,
team gitti

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