gitti Softening Mask Handpflege, gitti Nagelöl Nagelpflege
gitti Nagelöl, Nagelpflege
Vorher Nachher Softening Hand Mask
gitti Softening Mask für Hände und Füße in Aluminiumtube
gitti Nagelöl  Nagelpflege
gitti Softening Mask für Hände und Füße im Auftrag
gitti Softening Mask für Hände und Füße - gepflegt und sanft
Textur der Softening Mask für Hände und Füße
gitti Nagelöl, Nagelpflege, Anwendung
gitti Nagelöl, Nagelpflege, Anwendung

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Be A Softie

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Natural ingredients

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Wellness for your hands and feet.
Two self-care products that shouldn't be missing from your nightstand.

gitti Softening Mask.
The Softening Mask is vegan, fragrance-free and contains 99.4% ingredients of natural origin. We have completely eliminated questionable ingredients with potential environmental impact, so the hand and foot mask is completely free of mineral oil substances, silicones or synthetic polymers. The superpower ingredients of the Softening Mask include ceramide, lactobacillus ferment, pear extract and aloe vera. The Softening Mask is dermatologically tested, including sensitive skin conditions.

Confirmed effectiveness: user study results*.
97% confirm that the Softening Mask moisturises the skin.
97% confirm that the Softening Mask has a regenerating effect.
97% confirm that the Softening Mask has a calming effect.
93% confirm that the Softening Mask makes the skin soft and supple.

*Self-assessment of 30 volunteers (50% female, 50% male), between 20-65 years, application over 14 days for 3-4 times per week (every other day).

gitti Nutritious Oil.
Containing vitamin E and six rich oils to nourish and strengthen your nails, this nail oil ensures cuticles remain supple, prevents cracks and makes your nails really shine. Perfect for on the go, especially if you frequently wash or disinfect your hands.

How to use

Softening Mask.
Apply a generous amount three to four times a week to clean skin and massage in. For an express treatment, leave the mask on for 10 minutes and then gently massage in any residue. For an intensive treatment and a well-deserved beauty sleep for your hands and feet, simply leave the mask on overnight and wake up the next morning with soft, regenerated, happy hands!

Good to know: You can enhance the effect of the mask by wearing cotton gloves or socks overnight.

Nutritious Oil.
Use the pipette to apply a small drop of oil on every unpainted nail - on the moon of your nail and on the edge of the cuticle - and massage it gently into the nail and cuticle. It is best to use the nail oil after washing your hands, when the cuticles are still slightly moist, so it can be absorbed even better. Wash your hands before you apply a nail colour.


Unlike conventional cleansing products, which are mostly supplied in plastic packaging, Softening Mask comes in an innovative, recyclable aluminium tube. We consciously chose this packaging because aluminium is the only material that can be recycled repeatedly without losing quality. Best of all, no air can get in, so the mask stays fresh for a long time and can be used up to the last drop. The folding box in which the Softening Mask is delivered is made of 100% recycled paper.

To help protect the environment, you can dispose of the Softening Mask packaging in the plastic recycling container. Simply separate the lid from the tube. The folding box is made of 100% recycled paper, which you can dispose of in the paper bin. These requirements may vary from country to country. Please check your local disposal regulations.


Conscious moments for your hands and feet.

Pamper them with our restoring and moisturising Softening Mask. Apply a generous amount to clean skin, massage in and let the magic happen. The vegan formula is enriched with superpower ingredients that will leave your hands and feet silky soft and supple.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Immer wieder

In der Nacht mit Handschuhen drüber

Ingrid Rauba

Die Produkte sind alle sehr gut, verwende sie sehr gerne

Maren Knappe
Einfach soft

Schon nach der ersten Anwendung sind meine Hände geschmeidiger!

Sabrina Petersen
Super cool!

Der matte Look gefällt mir sehr gut!

Cinderella Glücklich
Tolle Pflege für normale bis leicht anspruchsvolle bzw. trockene Haut

Die softening mask begeistert mich mit ihrer natürlichen Zusammensetzung und damit, dass sie schnell einzieht. Auch, dass sie nur dezent und neutral duftet, ist vor allem abends angenehm. Allerdings habe ich festgestellt, dass die Pflegewirkung für mich noch nicht ausreichend ist. Ich muss die softening mask mehrmals am Tag auftragen und konnte den "Über-Nacht-Effekt", von dem hier viele begeistert berichten, leider nicht erleben.

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